This collection is pretty special to me. Not just because it represents the reset button on my vision. A back to basics if you will, but it also came together on a trip. Aren't those the best? When you're on vacation, and everything comes into focus? Inevitable, you get back to your life and forget all of the amazing ideas and aspirations you created while galivanting, but in this case, this collection was born, while driving along the ring road in Iceland. Iceland is weird. In the best way. The way Betsey Johnson is weird. Grace Jones is weird. David Bowie. Inspired by that, I present to you the Aurora collection. With the greens and golds found all over the awe-inspiring Icelandic country-side. And last, but definitely not least, the XX stone which, may seem average and first, but when it catches that light. in just the right way, girl there's no way you can't see those colors dance.