PUVI. What is that? We get that all the time. Aside from being they company that will change your life, a.k.a. hair routine, it is a combination of two of my favorite phrases. Pura Vida and Puerto Viejo. Pura Vida aka Pure Life, or the national phrase of Costa Rica. My parents are from Costa Rica and spoiler alert, like the rest of Latin America, there are black people in CR. Although Telemundo would have you think otherwise. In any event, I think everyone should embrace a bit of the Pura Vida lifestyle. In addition, Puerto Viejo is one of my favorite beaches in Costa Rica. While many ticos will tell you to beware of the Caribbean coast of CR. It's all lies. The most beautiful beaches and people in CR can be found on the Caribbean coast and no other place exemplifies the Pura Vida like Puerto Viejo. From these two things you get PUVI. I hope when you think of PUVI, you think of the beach, sunshine, happiness and freedom.